belajar ngeblog pake bahasa Inggris

I wake up at 05.00 am this morning and done a few exercise. I went for cycling and after that I came back again to pick up my son for cycling again. We finished at 06.00 am and my son took a bath while I was watching tv looking for a fresh news.
I took a chit chat with my wife and my little boy, Andre. A few minutes later I took a shower and get prepared to work.
I took a breakfast with an oatmeal while watching for a news on tv. I wait my wife took a shower and then she made a preparation to her office.
At 07.30 I went to my office with my bicycle and my wife took an ojek (a motorcycle taxicab) to her office.

Here I am at 12.00 waiting for a lunch break.


Tentang abramsp

Saya seorang wiraswastawan usia sy 40an thn. Berkeluarga dgn 3 anak dan pastinya 1 istri :D
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