I’m the One and only One who Ride C-ONE

This is a story about my MTB riding in the event that has been held by the Lintas Radar MTB community, East Jakarta.

The track is quite simple if we compare to JPG or JJ. It’s rideable for the one who is just start performing the cross country (XC) mountain biking.

Started from Universitas Krisnadwipayana (UNKRIS) and we were riding about 500 meters through the backyard of Unkris and met the residential area around it.

The track was a single track with some dirt on it that turns into mud during the rainy season. At the time, the rain had just been fallen at the night before. I used a pair of semi slick tire on my bike so the ride was going to be fun on slippery track. I thought πŸ˜€

Even the track is flat but it’s so interested. You have to carry on your bike on your shoulder while traversing a ditch. Considering on on such condition there’s no choice to carrying it rather than ride it.

Keep on going until you find a large open space, it is a forbidden place for public during the week days due of its purpose as military training zone.

Needless to say I’m the one and only one who use C-ONE at Lintas Radar.


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Saya seorang wiraswastawan usia sy 40an thn. Berkeluarga dgn 3 anak dan pastinya 1 istri :D
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  1. AGunk berkata:

    iam using c-one to Mr,. πŸ™‚

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