A Day Without Technology

On last weekend, I determined myself not to depend on technology, gadgets or any electricity stuffs nor on my motorbike.

I went out by walking to visit my friend’s house but he wasn’t at home. So I decided to went home again. At home I was thinking about what would I did next.

I went outside and look at the ditch in front of my home. I took the shovel and started to clean it up. I took up some trash with my shovel and suddenly my friend came. He helped me and then someone next door also helped me cleaned the ditch. We were working together till noon and about 12 o’clock we finished the job. We satisfied with our work and decided to went home.

At home I cleaned my hands and had a lunch. Usually I watch tv while having lunch but I was trying to be consequent by not depend on electrical stuffs including tv. So I went outside my room and finished my lunch.

After lunch and stuffed I decided to sleep. I went to my bedroom for took a nap. I felt very tired after cleaned the ditch. Then I woke up at 4 PM and finished my ‘day without technology’. I went to the bathroom for took a shower.



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Saya seorang wiraswastawan usia sy 40an thn. Berkeluarga dgn 3 anak dan pastinya 1 istri :D
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