RST Gila is fine

First of all I’m not an upgrading bike man. To upgrade a MTB is too pricey for me. Nevertheless when I find my Zoom fork has broken I decided to replace it with another one.
My choice is RST Gila because it’s not so expensive so I buy the new one. It cost exactly on 300 thousands rupiahs or about US$ 30. I bought it at the local bike shop nearby and had it installed.
The very first time I tried this fork when I had to rode my bike home. I didn’t feel anything as I rode only on pavement. On the next day I rode on an off road track. I could feel it was better than my Zoom. It absorbed everything, every obstacle that I rode could easily been passed meanwhile I didn’t get pain on my wrist neither did a sore hand. 
Unless after a few months ride, I can feel its stiffness. My friend whose similar product also complains about it. Nonetheless it still could absorbs any bumps but not as good as when it was new.

Tentang abramsp

Saya seorang wiraswastawan usia sy 40an thn. Berkeluarga dgn 3 anak dan pastinya 1 istri :D
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