Tight Budget MTB

I built myself a MTB in a tight budget. I had only US$200 and consequently didn’t expect too much on it. Certainly most of the parts are secondhand but still in very good condition.

The body

The frame is made by our local bike manufacturer. I bought a brand new Wimcycle C-ONE, a hardtail 17” frame with alloy 6061 material weighed about2.1 kg as considered to be heavy in hardtail genre. 😛

Crank it up

I rely on Shimano Alivio drivetrain for it. The derraileurs are very reliable while riding on XC track as good as on road. Up to now I’ve never had any problem with them.

Roll em up

Now we are talking about the wheelset as the most important part of MTB. I apply Shimano Parallax RM60 freehub with Shimano CS-HG40 8 speeds cassettes and Araya TM840F rims. Not the best but really sturdy. I put the CST Copperhead 26 x 200 as its skin.

Brake times

Entitled with tight budget I put the Shimano BR-M440 V brake. Some people consider about the V brakes weakness on muddy terrain and let me tell you that I ride on muddy terrain for several times and the brake still performs well. Surely there is no such issue. I think that because of the wheel is keep on rotate so the mud could get loose easily from the wheels. Meanwhile mires won’t stuck on your wheels when they keep rotate. The rotational movement of the wheels could swept the mires from your wheelset and frame seatstay.

The Cockpit

Until now I’m still working with my stem. I’ve been looking for the right stem and spacer position to find the right geometry for several times so I made some changing regularly. I used to use the short 50mm, or the medium 70mm and now I work with 90mm stem. I’m just looking forward to find the most relax position. Down under I put the RST Gila, cheap, strong, and robust to fight any hindrance.

The Chair

Anyway the cockpit issue is not as important as the seating matter. I have to find the right saddle so as to receive the fit and proper set on my bike. I’ve been replacing the saddles for three times and now I stick on Selle Royal Viper even it’s not the softest one but I like it as its light weight and slim good looking. However I still keep my bulky for a long trip. It’s so soft and tender and definitely wouldn’t cramp my buttocks. 😀

The ride

I ride my bike to my work place and do a few XC ride on weekend. Nevertheless my daily riding is only on pavement road with the equivalent is about 90% on road and 10% trail riding. It can run smoothly on road as durable as on trail.

The conclusion

In the past, before I built my MTB, I didn’t ever know what should I do with my cash in such budget. Luckily there is an online site that provides some used parts. I got most of the parts from it and started to build it.


Tentang abramsp

Saya seorang wiraswastawan usia sy 40an thn. Berkeluarga dgn 3 anak dan pastinya 1 istri :D
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5 Balasan ke Tight Budget MTB

  1. stpegasus berkata:

    nice post! 🙂
    anyway, sy berencana merakit MTB, sy belum paham mengenai persepedaan. yg saya tau baru sekedar mau mulai dengan mencari frame wim cycle C-One. bisakah sy minta saran tahapan untuk selanjutnya atau tips2 untuk selanjutnya spt bagaimana?
    terimakasih banyak 🙂
    ps : berapa rupiah bp habiskan untuk merakit MTB bp?

    • abramsp berkata:

      trims udh mampir. 🙂
      total saya cuma menghabiskan uang 2jt aja. kalo yg utama sih mending frame aja dlu, trus fork sesudahnya baru wheelset. kalo ga minta dirakitin sama bengkel aja..tetapi ya biayanya pasti lebih mahal.

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